On Carpaccio Magazine

Friday, October 28, 2011

Three of my photos are in Carpaccio Magazine Vol. 6.
This is the second publication for me.
Carpaccio is a magazine from Catalonia, Spain.

Visit their site to buy this magazine.

Thank you Carpaccio and especially to Emma for the opportunity!

Awesome package with a cute envelope.

{Click the image for a bigger view}

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9 comment (s)

  1. oh wow! congratulations! i imagine getting published feels very fullfiling.
    your photos look great in it :)

  2. @joana
    thank you so much joana!
    yes i'm happy about it :D

    iya, udah agak lama sebenernya, tapi baru sempet foto tadi pagi hehe

  3. wow!!! keren!!!!! sampe ke majalah luar negeri fotonya :-bd

  4. Ohh congrats! :] And I agree, the envelop is also cute. P.S. I'm eyeing the tree house illustration in your last entry. Are those your work? They're wonderful!

  5. @Sewon
    thank you Sewon!
    yes they are my works :)
    thanks again :)

  6. gilagila... memang bikin bangga!

  7. @hendru
    gue kira siapaa hendru2 haha, makasih ndra!