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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two Door Cinema Club
Flight Facilities
Jakarta, 15/02/2011

It was my first time bringing a film camera to a concert. 
I've never liked taking pictures when I was at the concert, because I will get too busy taking pictures instead of enjoying the show.
But this time I decided to bring my Olympus LT-1, and it turns out I had fun taking a pic with it while jumping or moving along with the songs.
There were some people using their analog cameras too, it's quite a surprise.


{All photos were taken with Olympus-LT-1 + Lucky color ASA200}

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6 comment (s)

  1. loveeee this!! so jealous, i couldn't make it :(

  2. @calosa
    it's too bad that you couldn't make it..
    they were awesome that night
    let's cross our fingers maybe they will come again soon :)
    thanks anyway!

  3. These turned out awesome! I can never quite manage a good concert photograph whenever I go. Kudos!

  4. @KVG
    wohoo thanks thanks!
    i was lucky :D

  5. eh teh.. cari lucky ASA 200 dmana teh? keren hasilnya. visit my blog : manualtua.blogspot.com ;)

  6. @pandu setyoaji
    biasanya suka ada di istimewa foto atau di pasar baru, tapi udah lama sih gak nyari lucky jadi kurang tau kalo sekarang nyarinya dimana hehe