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Friday, April 20, 2012

Me and 2 friends and 2 other new friends went to this place for a photoshoot.
I was trying my new lens, 50mm f/1.4 nikon lens :3
It was raining that day and i'm not feeling very well.
But i'm happy with the result, sooooo enjoy!

{Nikon FM10 + Fuji Superia 200 + Kodak Colorplus 200}

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6 comment (s)

  1. Aaaaah. Itu kok keren? Itu daerah mana yaaaa tempatnya. :((

  2. salam kenal, untuk yang difoto. bahaha

  3. waaa gue punya lensa yg sama, and i love it! :D

  4. @ayu welirang
    terima kasih, itu di daerah BSD

    nanti gue salamin ke enad ya hahah

    @karina saputri
    wah tos! i'm starting to love it too!

    terima kasih!!

  5. Lovely photos, very natural and softly.

    I do not often come across blogs where the photos can create an atmosphere and when everything harmonizes but with your blog its different.