A little drawing for Card to Post

Monday, January 09, 2012

My friend Rizki Ramadan  asked me to help him to draw a header for Card to Post blog. Card to Post is a project where people can join and send postcard to each other, even if they don't know each other. And the fun thing is we can make our own postcard. I think that is the interesting part. So for helping a friend and because i like this project, i made the drawing.

So the concept is about waving hands. 
I made a lot of hands on the drawing, well not a lot, some hands. It's because i think people send postcard to other people simply just because they want to say hi, just like when you wave your hand to other to say hi (or even to say goodbye). So the hands there are waving to each other, and also write a postcard, holding a postcard, and stamps.

Here is the header of Card to Post blog :

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5 comment (s)

  1. it looks wonderful!
    great job :)

  2. what a lovely drawing! it's really cute. the site looks interesting too. a fresh idea.

  3. @grace
    thanks grace!
    yes they have a cool idea for this project :)

  4. lama gak mampir.. kangen gw trid sama gambar lo.. ahahaha