Wishlist #3 | Trip Buddy

Saturday, January 01, 2011

So why don't we go,
somewhere only we know?

I've always had dream about going somewhere, to some places out there, and the most important thing on that dream is having a trip buddy with me.

Imagine if you have a trip buddy, or a trip partner with you, to go some places, or maybe some countries, i think it would be nice.

You will have a partner to :

  • Take pictures, so you will always remember the places that you've visited and bring the memories with you and your trip buddy (and nothing more fun that taking pictures, right?)
  • Sightseeing
  • Getting lost (maybe it would be fun)
  • Lost in translation (this one too)
  • Write stories (journals, collaborated stories between you two, or maybe science fiction stories, anything)
  • Stargazing (for this you have to find another place, jakarta is not a good choice for stargazing)
  • Make some drawings
  • Watching the skies, and clouds of course from the hill (if you don't have any partner, you will talk about the shape of the clouds alone, not fun)
  • Oh and of course ask your partner a help to take your picture infront of some cool objects, it's better than using self-timer or asking strangers to take your picture
  • Talking or not talking all day
  • Eat some weird foods at unknown place
  • Listening to some songs on the trip and sing it loudly together, so you will have a buddy to back you up if people call you crazy
  • And a lot of another cool things (you can write your own list here..................)

I don't know who is he/she for now, but i hope i'll find he/she really soon.

So, is anyone looking for a trip buddy too?

P.S. That first line was taken from Keane's song, "Somewhere only we know". So i'm not a fan of Keane, but a few days ago i listened their song on the radio, and that line caught me ears.

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11 comment (s)

  1. saya juga lg nyari (nyari tempatnya sm temennya). nice post by the way :)

  2. @justin larissa
    thanks! mari kita sama-sama mencari :)

    yes yes, of course you can!
    hello trip buddy! :D

  3. I love this Wishlist...a good trip buddy can never be underrated!

  4. @KVG
    yes, agree!
    and i love your blog!

  5. Oh man, I've had similar thoughts for as long as I can remember!

  6. @Maverick Daniels
    haha cool! we have the same thought!