Wishlist #2 | Safe & Sound

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I feel safe surrounded by aquariums

blue water
silhouette of people
big fishes
sea turtles
blue, green, and yellow lights that spread by the water
watching the fishes moving slowly

maybe it's just because of the lights, or maybe because it's a little dark there, I don't really know,

I feel safe

[Seaworld, November 2010]

[All photos are taken with my Nikon Fm10, with Lucky ASA200 film]

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4 comment (s)

  1. i adore this!!!

    and i like to think of your words also - it is true the feeling of safety in aquariums. the big thick glass and the soothing water colours that change with the depths. and the muted sounds - everything is more quiet and softer.

    beautiful work :)

  2. you have officially romanticized aquariums for me. more than korean dramas did.


  3. @geneviève bjargardóttir
    oh thank you so much!
    i didn't expect people will like it and agree with what i feel. And your words are beautiful!

    @hyde marge
    haha korean dramas..
    thanks a lot! glad you like it!

  4. Beautiful. Being underwater is an entire world of its own.