his favorite sweater

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Finally another drawing.

So this is an astronaut with his sweater.
Yes he loves his sweater so much,
so he's wearing it everywhere.
It's from his wife, handmade sweater.
See the pic on his arm? That's him and his wife.
Family portrait on a sweater, how sweet.

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9 comment (s)

  1. saya juga!
    itu yang komen pertama juga suka tuh

  2. very quirky and warm.
    astronotnya penganten baru ya belum punya anak hehe.

  3. @robyn
    thank you!
    iya masih pengantin baru haha

  4. sooo warm)))
    probaly his mom made it for him)s

  5. i just saw that this sweater is from his wife)))very nice picture!

  6. yes it's from his wife :)
    thanks for stopping by Polina!