Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So, i bought a new camera. It's my first Russian camera, called ЗЕНИТ ET or Zenit ET. Bought it from Mr. Renaldy. I always fell in love with every Zenit shot i saw on Flickr, so i decided to buy this one.

This is my first roll using this camera, had a little problem on focusing the image.
I didn't edit the colors, it's just turns out like that, maybe it was over exposed, maybe it's the camera who gives that color tone, i don't know.

[Taken at Pasar Baru, a short-sudden-trip with
Enad and Yuni]
[Film : DNP Centuria ASA200]

Oh and I haven't decided a name for him (or her?), so any suggestion?

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8 comment (s)

  1. namanya suradi aja
    yg jaga man camera

  2. amazing shots! I have the exact same model.

    yea, the washed out look is definitely attributed to the nice cloth shutter. or so i think :)

    i usually refer to my zenit as the "steel beast".

  3. @ jellypilot
    suradi kurang rusia, coba dikasih usul lainnya hehe

    @ knightartist
    thanks! (hey we meet again here!)

    "steel beast" sounds cool! i have to find a name for him soon :)

    anyway is the light meter on your zenit still working ?

  4. ih cakep deh. kasih nama enid aja, kan zenit yang beli di enad. ahahahhaha.

  5. these photos are lovely! its amazing how raw film photography can be, beautiful

  6. @Ahoy Dear Sailor
    hey thanks! yes sure, film photography is always beautiful :)

  7. hey there,, foto2 nya cakebs,,, itu moto dimana ya yg ilalang,? dr dolo mao moto ilalang ga daped2,, hix

  8. @Lyridz
    terima kasih!
    fotonya di bintaro sektor 7.
    tapi sekarang udh ga ada ilalangnya, dibangun jadi sesuatu hehehe.
    katanya si ada ilalang juga di daerah bsd :)