Tuesday, January 7, 2014

JOGJA TRIP | #2 Sungai Oyo

When we arrived, we rent a car and went to Gunung Kidul, it's on the south part of Jogja. We wanted to go to Pindul cave, but we decided to go to Sungai Oyo first (Oyo river).

We were lucky cause the weather was really good that day, so we can enjoy the calm water under the blue sky. We sat on the tires and the tour guide pulled us through the river. I felt weird at first to sit on the tire, but then i got used to it and i started to take pictures. But i couldn't take too much pictures cause the water splashed too much, so i put the cameras on my bag most of the time. Anyway, it's a really cool place to start this Jogja trip, enjoy the pictures!

{Olympus MjuII + Fuji Superia 200}

This is my friend, Erna.

This is Mr. Simbah, our tour guide. He told us a long story about this river. The history and also the folklore.

Little waterfall on the river

And this is us! 
Yes we sat on the tire with that postition :D

See you on the next destination!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

JOGJA TRIP | #1 Departing

At the end of October 2013 I went to Jogja with my friend, Erna. It was my second trip to Jogja this year. Since I got back from my Jogja trip on May, I always wanted to go back. Jogja has a special thing for me, good memories for sure :)

So we took a morning flight, amazed by the beautiful sunrise from the plane, and arrived safe and sound in Adi Sucipto Airport, Jogjakarta.

See you on our first destination!

{Olympus MjuII + Superia 200}

Loving the life

When Nike from Living Loving asked me to contribute to their "One Day" section, i instantly said yes. I always like this blog, their posts are so cute and inspiring. 
So, here it is, my Jogja series on "One Day in Yogyakarta".

Thank you Living Loving for the opportunity!

Enjoy the photos, will post the complete series soon! ;)

One day trip to stasiun Lampegan, Gunung Padang and curug Cikondang

Few months ago i had a one day trip to Cianjur, West Java with my friend.

Our first destination was Stasiun Lampegan. It's a disused train station that built in 1882. It was closed in 2001 due to land erosion.

{Nikon FM10 + superia 200}

The next destination was Gunung Padang Megalithic Site. 
You can read the full information here.

And our last destination was curug Cikondang.
(sorry, didn't take a lot of pics there :p )

Aaaaand my one day trip friend, Erna.

days with mjuII

Just random shots i made with my Olympus MjuII.
Oh i forgot, Merry Christmas and happy holiday! :D